Honestly, we are very happy to publish this section.

First of all, because the fact that we write it means that we accomplished what years ago was a crazy adventure that we came up with.

Second of all, because during a crisis, not only economic but also social: immobility, loss of ethical values, lack of communication, general subjugation for historical beliefs; morals: „all is good“, having more than wishing, preference of the showy over the useful and practical; personal: change resignation for freedom, bad history-dark present-horrible future,… it results very rewarding to be thankful with all the people who, with their professional knowledge and personal strengths, always in a friendly atmosphere and enjoying what there are doing, worked together with us to have a special place for everyone to live in.

Thirdly, because we always loved to read the little booklets in the CDs where the artists thanked many people to see if we were in there.

Let start … (in chronological order)

Many thanks:

  • To Rodrigo Rilo and his vision in managing exclusive lots in the area, for „giving us“ such an impressive land for Kinegua and for getting us in touch with the builder Antonio Ridruejo.
  • To Antonio Ridruejo for his professional and personal implication before, during and after the construction of the villa (unvalued pictures for the „Making Of“)
  • To all the member of his team: the inexhaustible Henry, Wilson, Lucho, Jorge, Enrique, Víctor and Otto.
  • To other experts: Loran and Jose (sealing), Kone and Alberto (plumbing), Simón (electricity)
  • To the stone men, Lucas, Juanjo, Felo, Sergio, Mon and Juan Domingo.
  • ToJosé Carlos y Yeray for their huge windows
  • Plaster and paint: Laurent Negrello
  • To Antonio Morales and José Antonio for their Wood treating knowledge that puts so much color in the house. Opening and closing doors becomes and art. 679418530
  • To Bárbara, who captured and shared our illusion from the beginning, designing and creating in such an artistic and functional way everything you are clicking on right now.
  • To Cristina, Beatriz, Merche, Gustavo and Marcos „Cucho“ for the translations.
  • To Miguel and Laura for allowing us to see Kinegua after so much cleaning
  • To Pakote for his Mac templates
  • To Luis and Olga for the Flyer design and for their desire to be the first ones to stay in Kinegua.
  • To Carlos González, for knowing how to show the reality of the place on his pictures. 626385427
  • To Klaus and his employees for the ideas and plant knowledge. SA. MA. Agricola. 664178727
  • To Gerardo because everything tastes better in his „kitchen“. 626750128
  • To Gerard for being able to express in images our philosophy.
  • To Sergio F and Mario for preparing „la Kunda“ for Fuerteventura
  • To Sergio G and Julio for their biceps that are so appreciated while transporting everything from Madrid.
  • To Artemio, Héctor, Paula, Rosana, Raico and the rest of the crew of Bar Los Piratas for their meals and being as they are … : ¡Auténticos!
  • And of course… to families and friends who can’t believe this crazy thought became true and for all the marketing they are going to do.
  • To the five kineguans who years ago decided to bet for a different project, different from what everyone was doing, refinancing our mortgages, trying our best to have a place for other to enjoy as much as possible when visiting the island.
  • Special mention to Rebeca, mother for the named Kinegua, for her dedication to the project and its execution that required so much effort and sacrifices, but also satisfaction for the job well done.

Thanks for choosing us!
Helena, Rebeca, Miguel, Iván y Javier

Gracias a todos, Kinegua