fuerteventura-unescoFuerteventura s an island of the Canarian Archipelago, located in the Atlantic Ocean, 97 kms away from the north-western coast of Africa. It is the second biggest island after Tenerife. El nombre indígena de la isla, era "Erbani" con sus dos comarcas "Jandía" y "Maxorata", de donde deriva el gentilicio majorero. On May 26th 2009, Fuerteventura was declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

Lajares, peaceful and scattered town in the north of Fuerteventura, it is surrounded by volcanoes and just a few minutes away from fantastic white sand beaches. Its population is especial and heterogeneous. People from various nationalities live in Lajares because it is a singular place: a naked landscape that keeps you exposed to the sun, sky, wind, lava and close to the ocean. Lajares offers all the basic services: school, pharmacy, shops, restaurants, supermarkets, ATM, sand ring (to practice the local wrestling version), and obviously, surf and other water sports shops.

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