Kinegua emerged searching for the experience of habitating a place, for the need to enjoy an open house permanently in touch with its environment.

“An oasis at the civilization's desert“, as Unamuno defined the island. We looked for (and found) the perfect spot and designed the right villa. This project became true for the anxiety, hope and courage of the people who fought for it.

A permeable, attractive, warm and flexible villa

Permeable, where the power of the landscape inundates the inside and the architecture conditions and tames the environment. A villa to enjoy indoor and outdoor.

Attractive, because the mixture of the local and traditional architecture with the contemporary space plasticity guarantees a pleasant and calm stay.

Warm, because it has simple resources to live in on a daily basis, and think of it lie your own.

Flexible, because of the possibilities offered to organize the units, based on the needs of each guest.


Galería de Kinegua