Concepts. Fluency and Versatility

The main feature is the space fluency. We try to organize the inside avoiding fixed divisions. Allowing the program to flow inside and outside, with diffuse limits and semi-covered and semi-closed areas.

This fluidity invites dynamism. You go over and play with the house. To do so, here you have some references: the lineal walls guide you, the main space scale retains you, and from some especial points you see the landscape, to enjoy it and hypnotize you.

The villa is thought to be very versatile. It is composed of three modules. The main one, being the central axle, can shelter up to six people. The second one has a capacity of 4 people, and the smaller one is designed for 2 people.

To occupy it you do the puzzle, part of it or the entire villa. There are different combinations, all of them fully equipped inside and outside, and guaranteeing independency from the other (if wanted).

Kinegua can be ussed by different parties or be rented by just one large group